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Mandarin Garden

MANDARIN GARDENLocated in Lot N03 Tran Duy Hung Southeast Urban Area, Mandarin Garden includes 04 towers divided to 4 zones A, B, C, D. Interspersed are green gardens combined with functional areas, which create the perfect environment to live in the center of the capital Hanoi.

  •  Apartment varied in areas of 114.2 m2 – 172.2 m2, with 2-3 bedrooms.
  •  Duplex varied in areas of 266.7 m2 – 324 m2, with 4 bedrooms.
  • Penthouse varied in areas of 371m2 – 449 m2.

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An Cu Trading Floor are distributing apartment both for sale and for rent in Mandarin Garden. Apartments are designed with modern style, elegant interior which suitable with either family or expat.

For sale: 0966 85 56 85

For rent: 0966 85 56 85

Mandarin Garden


  • The InvestorHOA PHAT GROUP
  • Address: Lot N03 Tran Duy Hung Urban Area, Cau Giay dist., Ha Noi
  • Scale:  04 Tower A, B, C & D; height of 25 – 29 floors.
  • Total construction area: 230,000 m2
  • Construction density: 36.4%
  • Construction: 9,417 m2
  • Number of apartment: 1008 units


Mandarin Garden locates on Hoang Minh Giam road, the urban population of Southeast Tran Huy Hung and Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, the vibrant downtown area of Ha Noi Capital.


Location of Mandarin Garden

 Project is on the junction of important traffic routs such as Tran Duy Hung, Khuat Duy Tien, Hoang Dao Thuy, Le Van Luong to the center of city.

  • The Southwest: On Hoang Minh Giam road, closed to Nhân Chinh Lake with 13ha of width, 8ha of water.
  • The Northwest: Closed to Amsterdam Hight School for Gifted, convenient to go to Tran Duy Hung st. and Nguyen Chi Thanh st.
  • The Northeast: Closed to Green Park 2.8ha of width; and easy to go to Hoang Dao Thuy st., Le Văn Luong – Lang Ha st.
  • The Southeast: Closed to Nguyen Thi Thap st., and easy go to Khuat Duy Tien st., Nguyen Tuan st., Vu Trong Phung st..



Tower A: Includes 127 units from floor 5th – 24th. Varied in areas of 122.7 m2 – 307.4 m2, with 2-4 bedrooms.

Tower B: Includes 346 units from floor 2nd – 28th. Varied in areas of 114.2 m2 – 297.8 m2, with 2-4 bedrooms.

Tower C: Includes 346 units from floor 2nd – 28th. Varied in areas of 114.2 m2 – 297.8 m2, with 2-4 bedrooms.

Tower D: Includes 189 units from floor 5th – 24th. Varied in areas of 124.2 m2 – 297.8 m2, with 2-4 bedrooms.



Located between urban populations in Southeast Tran Duy Hung and Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh – areas of modern and completing social infrastructure, Mandarin Garden has the advantages of utility systems:

–       Healthy living environment which total area of 9000 m2, with strolling gardens, green area and swimming pool.

Openning space with green area and outdoor swimming pool

–       The project is also surrounded by Nhan Chinh Lake in front, which 130,000 m2 of width with 80,000 m2 of surface water lake; Green Park behind with 28,000 m2 of width.

–       Perfect living space with enough facilities for the resident here such as: Supermarket, Shopping Mall, Community Center, Kindergarten, outdoor playground for kids and space for the old. In addition, on-site services such as Gym, Spa, Yoga..


–       This residences is managed by professional management company, providing high-end services and modern management and security system.

–       Closed to Amsterdam High School for Gifted; Grand Plaza; National Convention Center, BigC Suppermarket and other Shopping Malls, Entertainment Centers; Mandarin Garden is enjoed the whole system of social infrastructure which brings the residents here the comfortable and ideal life.