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What is The Latest Postal Code in Vietnam?

What is a Zip Code in Vietnam?

The history of Vietnam’s postal codes, the address system for sending postcards, and the importance of Vietnam’s postal codes (zip codes) are crucial aspects of the country’s mailing infrastructure. This article will delve into these topics to provide a comprehensive understanding of what a zip code means in Vietnam.

History of Vietnam Postal Codes

Vietnam’s postal code system has evolved over time to streamline mail delivery and enhance efficiency. The early years of Vietnam’s postal service saw a rudimentary addressing system without specific codes. However, as the volume of mail increased and the need for accurate sorting emerged, the Vietnamese government introduced postal codes.

The implementation of postal codes in Vietnam began in 1995 when the General Post Office assigned six-digit codes to various geographical regions. These codes included a combination of numbers and letters and were instrumental in organizing postal operations effectively.

Over the years, the postal code system underwent further refinement to accommodate the changing landscape of Vietnam’s urbanization and development. Today, the postal codes in Vietnam consist of five digits and provide more precise locations for efficient mail sorting and delivery.

Latest Vietnam Zip Code

Latest Vietnam Zip Code

Vietnam Address System: Sending a Postcard

When sending a postcard or any mail within Vietnam, knowledge of the correct address format is essential. Let’s take a closer look at how addresses are structured in Vietnam:

  1. Recipient’s Name: Begin by writing the recipient’s full name on the first line. Include their title if applicable (Mr., Ms., etc.).
  1. House Number and Street Name: On the second line, mention the house number followed by the street name or thoroughfare where the recipient resides.
  1. Ward/District/Town/City: The next line should specify the ward (in urban areas), district, town, or city where the recipient’s residence is located.
  1. Province: Indicate the province or administrative division on the subsequent line.
  1. Postal Code: The final line should contain the five-digit postal code that corresponds to the recipient’s location.

Ensure legible handwriting and accurate information when addressing mail in Vietnam to avoid any delays or misdeliveries.

Why are Vietnam Postal Codes (Zip Codes) So Important?

Vietnam postal codes, commonly known as zip codes, play a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the country’s mail delivery system. Here are some reasons why postal codes are crucial in Vietnam:

  1. Accurate Sorting: Postal codes enable mail sorting machines and human operators to categorize and route mail accurately. By including the correct postal code, you increase the chances of your mail reaching its destination quickly and without complications.
  1. Expedited Delivery: With well-organized postal codes, the postal service can expedite the delivery process. Packages and letters can be efficiently sorted based on their destinations, reducing transit times and ensuring timely delivery.
  1. Enhanced Addressing: Postal codes provide an additional level of detail to addresses, improving accuracy and reducing ambiguity. They help pinpoint specific locations within towns, cities, and provinces, contributing to more precise and reliable mail delivery.
  1. Online Shopping and E-commerce: In the digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular in Vietnam. Postal codes facilitate the seamless flow of goods purchased online, ensuring prompt delivery to customers’ doorsteps.

By understanding and utilizing Vietnam postal codes, both individuals and businesses can experience smoother and more reliable mail delivery services, fostering efficient communication and commerce across the country.

What is Vietnam Post?

Vietnam Post mail, also known as VNPost, is the national postal operator of Vietnam. It is a government-owned corporation that offers a wide range of postal and logistics services to individuals, businesses, and organizations across the country. Established in 1995, Vietnam Post has played a significant role in facilitating domestic and international mail delivery, as well as providing additional services such as money transfers, e-commerce solutions, and retail operations.

The Services Offered by Vietnam Post

  1. Domestic Mail Services: Vietnam Post provides various mail services within the country. These include regular mail delivery, registered mail, express mail, and next-day delivery options. Whether you need to send a letter, document, package, or even perishable items, Vietnam Post offers tailored services to meet your specific requirements.
  1. International Mail Services: If you’re looking to send mail internationally, Vietnam Post has got you covered. They offer international mail delivery services, including air mail, surface mail, and express mail. You can choose the appropriate service based on your desired delivery speed and budget.
  1. Postal Savings: In addition to mail services, Vietnam Post operates a postal savings system. This allows individuals to open savings accounts at post offices throughout the country. Postal savings accounts provide a secure way to save money, make deposits or withdrawals, and even transfer funds domestically or internationally.
  1. Logistics and E-commerce Solutions: Vietnam Post has expanded its services to cater to the growing demands of e-commerce. They offer logistics solutions for businesses, including warehousing, order fulfillment, and last-mile delivery. Whether you’re a small online seller or a large enterprise, Vietnam Post can assist you in streamlining your supply chain and reaching customers efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: What is the purpose of a postal code? A: Postal codes aid in the systematic sorting and efficient delivery of mail by providing specific location information.
  1. Q: How many digits are there in a Vietnamese postal code? A: A Vietnamese postal code consists of five digits for precise location identification.
  1. Q: Can I send mail within Vietnam without a postal code? A: While it is possible to send mail without a postal code, including one significantly improves the chances of timely and accurate delivery.
  1. Q: Are postal codes the same across all regions of Vietnam? A: No, postal codes differ based on provinces, districts, towns, and cities in Vietnam.
  1. Q: Where can I find the correct postal code for a specific address in Vietnam? A: You can inquire about the correct postal code from the local post office or use online resources that provide postal code lookup services.


Understanding zip codes (postal codes) in Vietnam is crucial for efficient mail delivery and effective communication. The history of Vietnam’s postal codes highlights their evolution to meet the growing demands of the country’s mailing infrastructure. By adhering to proper addressing formats and including accurate postal codes, individuals and businesses can ensure smoother mail operations and reliable deliveries throughout Vietnam.

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